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Collana perle Akoya Giappone usata
Collana perle Akoya Giappone usata
Collana perle Akoya Giappone usata
Collana perle Akoya Giappone usata
Collana perle Akoya Giappone usata
Collana perle Akoya Giappone usata
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Akoya Japan sea pearls necklace to climb

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Sale price €5.000,00

Sea shell necklace Akoya Japan to scale total weight gr.103,83 white gold clasp 18 kt.gr.20,00 (estimated) with brilliant ct.1,70 (approx.) And 8 blutt sapphires. 1.50 (approx.) Diameter of pearls to scale from 6.5 mm to 9.00 (approx.). No. 3 rows 1 ° cm.38 2 ° cm.40,50 3 ° cm.44.00. Decent gloss cream color, slightly porous surface, oval shape.Closing cm.4,00

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Collana perle Akoya Giappone usata

Akoya Japan sea pearls necklace to climb

Akoya Japan sea pearls necklace to climb


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