We are revolutionizing the jewelry and watch industry with a multi-point authentication process where we exhaustively assess the integrity of each and every item.

We take every measure necessary to validate the integrity of your jewelry and/or timepiece before you receive you item(s).Our team of experts and partners have over 50+ years of combined experience in diamond, colorstone, and watches. The gemologists are graduates of the Gemological Institute and keep updated with the latest trends. Also, our jewelry and watch vendors are vetted by Vip Gioielli and verify every item before it gets to you.

Vip Gioielli does not accept fake or counterfeit merchandise of any kind. If we suspect that a submitted item is inauthentic we will contact the seller for proof of purchase. Counterfeit items discovered will be destroyed and not returned to the seller.

Brands sold on Vip Gioielli are not partnered or affiliated with Vip Gioielli. However, we fully cooperate with brands looking to track down the source of counterfeit items, including revealing the contact information of sellers submitting counterfeit items.

Vip Gioielli's authentication process is independent. Brands identified are not involved in the authentication of the products being sold, and none of the brands sold assumes any responsibility for any products purchased from or through the website.







1) We check if the materials are realWe first look for unique identifiers on the item including karat stamp (14kt, 18kt, etc.) and brand name stamp. This tells us right away if the item is counterfeit or not. We then use metal testing equipment to test for the metal type and karat type ensuring it actually is the metal and karat type stated on the stamp. Next, we look at the stones on the piece and test to see if the stones are accurate and real. For example, if the item has diamonds we use a synthetic diamond testing tool to ensure it’s a real diamond, and then analyze the stone for clarity and color type.

2) We check if brand identifiers are presentwe look for brand name markings, any serial numbers, and other key identifiers. We verify paperwork and boxes that the item may have come with as well. We reject items that do not meet the requirements.

3) Condition is assessedPre-owned items may have wear and tear. We look at the condition and only select those that are in great enough condition to sell. We then refurbish the item as close to new as possible and give the item a condition ranking.



1) We look for identifiers present on the watchmarkings, designs, engravings and holograms to assess if any unnormal identifiers are present and reject watches that do not meet the criteria.

2) We check the overall watch movementMany times we have to go under the hood of the watch and unscrew the case back to view the gears, jewels and inner workings of the watch so that the movement, engravings, and metal type can be inspected for authenticity.

3) We inspect the case backThis should be consistent with the manufacturer and model type.

4) We look for original partsWe check that all the parts of the watch are consistent with the original model.

5) We look for consistent conditionThe wear of the case, dial, markers, strap and buckle or deployment should all be consistent. Otherwise, usually something has changed.

6) We look for original documentation, box, and papersWe look at these documents to assess authenticity.